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Career Development ResourcesResume Consulting

At Career Development Resources, LLC in Yorktown Heights, NY, we offer a range of career counseling and personal marketing services to support your unique career goals. Our staff will work one-on-one with you to help you maximize your career potential. From creating a selling résumé to planning your interview to negotiation strategies, we are here to guide you to career success!

Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW) Qualifications and Expertise Make a Big Difference

Owner of Career Development Resources, LLC Mark D. Berkowitz, NCCC, CPRW, IJCTC, CEIP is one of the nation’s leading résumé writers as identified  in the Jist Works publication Professional Résumés For Executives, Managers, And Other Administrators  and quoted extensively in the book Winning Interviews For $100,000 + Jobs.

Clients who share financial information report that with our proven strategies, when moving into their next position, their new salaries are, on average, 33%+  higher than their old salaries.

Cover Letters

A professionally written cover letter makes a great first impression to employers. At Career Development Resources, LLC, serving Westchester County, we will assist you in writing an aggressive cover letter that competitively exemplifies your personality, style, skills and experience to accentuate your value and appeal. You only have two opportunities to sell yourself into obtaining that all-important interview: your résumé and your cover letter. Our strategy is to design both for maximum effect.

Interview CoachingJob Interview Coaching

We believe it’s critical for you to have the ability to effectively present yourself in a confident manner. You may need interview coaching to increase your chance of getting more job offers. There is a huge difference between telling and selling. Let our experienced team at Career Development Resources, LLC assess your strengths and
develop a powerful strategy that will transform your candidacy into a solid, lucrative job offer.

Career Change Services

At Career Development Resources, LLC in Yorktown Heights, NY, our 30+ years of experience can help you successfully navigate through a career change and transition. It is important to first identify your abilities, interests, motives, goals and values. Then integrate these with potential job targets. Let our expertise help you avoid “jumping from the frying pan into the fire” and instead help you achieve the success and satisfaction that you deserve.

Look for experience, certification, strong ethics, and the ability to understand your needs in the career coach you choose. Your career coach will become your career management partner. The right “fit” will ensure that you achieve your best results.

Career Coaching for Executives and Professionals

Facing a potential layoff or are you unemployed and looking for a quality job? ... Or maybe looking to improve your present situation? What’s lacking from your work life? Do you really like what you do? Are you content at work, or do you desire more — more recognition, more appreciation, enhanced job satisfaction? Maybe it’s time for a major change.

Do you need help managing your job search /career transition campaign from a National Certified Career Counselor / Internationally Certified Job and Career Transition Coach or just some assistance from a Certified Professional Résumé Writer? An executive coach sees things you don’t see such as your self-limiting strategies and faulty assumptions. Trust our experts with over 30 years in business at Career Development Resources.

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