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Career Development Resources, LLC is a career management agency in Yorktown Heights, NY offering world-class career counseling. Recent studies show that a majority of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. If you feel trapped, financially unrewarded or unsatisfied in your job, contact us for a career assessment. We can help you land a job that fits your personal profile. Taking charge is the first step!


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Let us help you choose a career that fits your personality and skills using our diverse proven techniques. We will explain in great detail how your abilities, experience, personality style, and values match up with desired careers. Whether you are looking for your first job or are ready to move on to another one, Career Development Resources, LLC is your career counseling solution!


Are you prepared for a job interview? At Career Development Resources, LLC, we will conduct a mock interview with you to assess your weaknesses and strengths. Feel confident when you are marketing yourself to a potential employer. Our career coaches have the expertise to help!

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